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  • 5MW, Chernobyl, Ukraine

    We are very proud to contribute to a 5MW ground-mounted solar plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine. 100 Growatt MAX 50KTL3 inverters have been installed in this project. MAX 50-100KTL3 inverter has up to 7 MPPTs and is the ideal choice for PV applications in various scenarios.
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  • 2MW, Khammam, India

    190km away from Growatt's Indian service center in Hyderabad, MAC inverters have been chosen to replace the inverters for a 2MW ground-mounted solar plant in Telangana.
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  • 100MW, Nanyang, China

    Installed on the hilly land, this 100MW ground-mounted solar plant is used to power Foxconn facilities in Nanyang city. Growatt inverters are exclusively chosen and deployed for this project.
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  • 3MW, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

    36 MAX 80KTL3 inverters were deployed for this 3MW ground-mounted solar plant in Ninh Thuan to utilize Vietnam's abundant solar resources.
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  • 20MW, Ghana

    Growatt inverters used in this 20MW ground-mounted solar farm in Ghana have been delivering high yields to the investors.
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  • 20MW, Thailand

    Growatt supplied central and string inverters for this 20MW solar farm in Thailand.
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  • 366.3KW, Curvelo, Brazil

    In Curvelo of Brazil, four MAX 75KTL3 inverters were commissioned for this 366.3kW ground-mounted solar plant to provide clean solar energy for the owner.
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  • 30MW, Sixian, China

    This 30MW solar farm is located in Sixian in Anhui Province of China. With high product quality and reliability, Growatt inverters were chosen and deployed for this project.
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  • 500KW, Peru

    Nine MAX 60KTL3 inverters were professionally mounted and commissioned for a 500kW ground-mounted solar plant in Peru.
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