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MAX 50-100KTL3 LV/MV

50-100kW Three Phase, 6/7 MPPTs, 400Vac/480Vac


Suitable for both commercial rooftop and ground mounted solar plants, the Max series on-grid inverter was designed with upto 80kW big capacity. First quad-core inverter in the industry provides it fast processing capability to handle transient grid fault. With the extraordinary 6/7 MPP trackers, ensures high yields of the system.

  • User-Friendly

    Local WiFi+APP maintenance
    Smart diagnosis
    Online smart service

  • High Yields

    Maximum efficiency of 99%
    6/7 MPPTs, 12/14 strings
    Wide working voltage

  • Safe & Reliable

    String monitoring
    AC/DC Type II SPD
    IP65 protection rating

Technical Parameter


  • Technical Documentation
  • User Manual / Video
  • Product Certificates
  • MAX 60-100KTL3 MV Datasheet

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV Datasheet

  • MAX 50-100KTL3 LV/MV series inverter installation

  • MAX 50-100K user manual

  • CE Declaration 2019

  • CE & RoHS Declaration 2020

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV EN50549

  • MAX 50-100K TL3 LV (MV) IEC60068 & IEC61683

  • MAX50-80KTL3-LV VDE0126-FR

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV N4105

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV(MV) Greece

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV(MV) France

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV(MV) EN50438 Poland, Turkey, Norway, Switzerland

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV MV IEC60068&61683

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV (MV) VDE0126

  • MAX 50-80KTL3 LV (MV) SAA

  • MAX 50-100K TL3 LV(MV) IEC 62116&61727

  • MAX 50-100K TL3 LV(MV) CE LVD

  • MAX 50-100K TL3 LV(MV) CE EMC

  • GZU_COC_France_Security

  • Growatt_MAX 50-80KTL3 LV BDEW Certification

  • Growatt inverter ABNT Declaration