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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Error 117 reconnection Error 117


      Inverter keep reconnecting, may caused by electric relay’s problem, may also caused by lack of solar panels, may lead in the morning and evening when there is no enough sunshine, the inverter can not connect to public grid and keep counting down, eventually report Error 117.


      Based on different models inverter connected to the public grid, check if the panel number is too small, for the voltage is150V models it needs at least five panels, for the 350V on-grid models the panels should be not less than 12, you can turn off the DC input, restart the inverter to see if this error is still there.

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  • DC arc discharging


      Arc discharging maybe cause leakage of current, may cause by hot plug, the inverter or positive and negative poles short circled, wrong connection of positive and negative poles, unbalance panel numbers.


      Check the inverter if it is properly shut down,otherwise if it is in working condition it will make current input cause arcdischarging.

      Check the string if has positive negative short circle, check the string’s negative and positive poles in wrong connection,wrong connection string connect the same MPPT with right connection string will cause arc discharging.

      Different connected size panels strings in the same MPPT may caused partial current to another string to the others, and cause arc discharging.

  • Loss connection of APP


      Sensor and inverter are not connected

      sensor has no power

      APP scanned the inverter serial number

      Installation signal problem

      Faulty sensor


      Check 232 port’s dial number switch is on

      Check 232 port connected to the sensor.

      Check 232 port communication is working.

      Scan sensor’s serial number or type in the serial number and checkingcode.

      Check the installation position, wrong installation position may cause signal loss, or WIFI Dongle cannot receive the router’s signal, GRPS card may be installed wrong position which cannot receive the signal.

      Observing the sensor’s flashing, if there is no problem for outside condition, and sensor does not have any reaction, we can think it is a faulty sensor.

  • PV low voltage


      PV voltage low means the string’s voltage is low,may cause being wrong positive, negative connection, loose connection, or no connection of the panels.


      Need to set multimeter to voltage, use the red pen to connect to positive electrode, use the black pen to connect to negative electrode, read the multimeter, if the voltage is in voltage range and it is positive, we can say the PV voltage is normal.

  • PV high voltage


      Different inverters have different DC input voltage range, so the connected solar panels would be set based on input DC voltage, basically “PV high voltage ” is caused by connection of too many panels.


      Check the inverter’s setting, DC input voltage range, then check the string’s open circuit voltage.

  • Low insulation resistance


      inverter has a function which can test DCinsulation resistance, check if the DC side is lower than 50kΩ, it will give analarm as “PV insulation low” may be cause by damaged DC cable, wet exposed cable, DC components electricityleakage, inverter DC side short circled on the ground


      disconnect AC air breaker and DC air breaker.

      Use MC spanner to dissemble DC side positive andnegative electrode.

      Make sure the racks have ground connection(Essential)

      (Use the multimeter set to resistance, use the red pen to test positive electrode, black pen to test the ground connection, read each way’s positive to ground’s resistance) (then use the red pen to connect to negative electrode and read the resistance between negative electrode and ground, if it is larger than 50kΩ then may think the inverter can judge thestring’s insulation, if the number is less or equal to 50kΩ, then the inverter’s insulation is down, the inverter will automatically to self protection and stop working, give the error as “low insulation resistance”).

  • High public grid voltage


      grid voltage is exceeding inverter voltage range,normally is exceeding the highest setting voltage(factory setting is from195Vac-253Vac)

      For General residential power plants, once the clients cannot use all the solar energy, the rest will be put to grid, as the resistance is very high, that may cause the output side of inverter, high voltage will lead to inverter offline.


       use large input cable, as the larger cable is the smaller resistance.

      Inverter is closer to grid, shorter cables and less resistance.

      Change the resistance rate, copper has less resistance rate than aluminum, so generally use copper cable.

      If the inverter is connected to agriculture grid which has higher voltage than inverter’s voltage limit, you can slightly adjust the voltage limit.