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  • Solar Storage System, Perth, Australia

    Growatt’s battery ready inverter, MIN 2500-6000TL-XH now starts to go into households in Perth in Western Australia. The inverter’s battery ready feature and neat design make it appealing to customers. It has a battery interface that can be easily extended to a storage system in the future.
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  • 8.8KW Solar Storage System, Spain

    In Spain, this family has installed Growatt's solar energy storage system to increase PV self-consumtion and storge the energy for use at night.
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  • Solar Storage System, New Zealand

    Growatt now has the honor of witnessing the world's first sunrise and harvesting the sun's energy. Growatt has delivered a complete solar storage solution to a household in Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand.
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  • 250kW Solar Storage System, TANAKEKE, Indonesia

    On TANAKEKE island, Growatt's solar storgae solution provides clean and reliable energy for the local people.
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  • 3.6KW Solar Storage System, Middelfart, Denmark

    Growatt supplied complete solar storage solution to a family in Middelfart and helped cut their electricity bills.
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  • Solar Storage System, Opole, Poland

    In Opole, a family has moved to increase their PV self-consumption and energy independence by deploying Growatt's solar storage solution.
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