Growatt sets up a joint laboratory with Texas Instruments for sustainable energy applications

Date: 2021-09-13

Aiming to promote sustainable energy applications, Growatt, a global leading inverter supplier, has set up a joint laboratory with global semiconductor company Texas Instruments (TI) in the city of Shenzhen, China.

The joint laboratory aims to support Growatt to use TI’s advanced semiconductor technologies and products to achieve an optimized photovoltaic (PV) energy storage solution. By leveraging TI’s products and support, R&D engineers from Growatt plan to bring new upgrades and innovations in the energy efficiency, functional safety and intelligent solutions of inverter applications. 

For the newly established joint laboratory, TI will recommend products and solutions and provide development tools and resources to help facilitate research and development in sustainable energy applications.

“Establishing a joint lab with TI will enable us to develop intelligent, powerful and reliable solar inverters and storage batteries that can reshape the future of energy,” said David Ding, Growatt President and CEO. “Leveraging the cutting-edge semiconductor technologies of TI, Growatt will be able to accelerate the advancements of solar PV and energy storage technologies to help our communities to achieve their carbon-neutral goals.”

“Supporting innovation for new infrastructure areas such as energy innovation in industrial systems is a key initiative for TI,” said Ryan Wang, General Manager of TI Shenzhen Office. “This collaboration can help accelerate designers’ implementation of TI’s innovative technology into new PV energy storage applications.”

With solar being an affordable source of energy generation, and battery storage cost continuously dropping, the establishment of a joint lab between Growatt and TI can help take clean energy technologies to the next level and deliver advanced, smart and powerful energy solutions.

Source: pv magazine

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