Growatt is looking for a field marketing specialist in South Korea

Date: 2021-07-30

Growatt is looking for a Field Marketing Specialist in South Korea, who will be responsible for brand marketing in South Korea and supporting regional sales. Learn more about the job requirements and apply now!

Job title: Field Marketing Specialist – South Korea

Job responsibility

1. Support regional sales to develop new accounts, present Growatt product, solutions and advantages thru customer visit or phone call/email communications.

2. Provide continuous training and technical consultancy for regional customers.

3. Marketing promotion activities, promote Growatt brand with field distributors’ hosted events and localized client/customer forums etc. 

4. Investigate marketing intelligence, customer demands and competitor’s situation, provide reference for product line improvement and marketing strategies.


1. Fluent Korean, Korea permanent residence. Be familiar with local culture and societies. 

2. Fluent English or Chinese, smoothly communicate with China HQ team.

3. Bachelor above, major in Electronics, Electrical, Automatic, New Energy etc. would be preferred.

4. Electrical engineering background, have experience on solar system, PV inverter or UPS, power supply related technical.

5. Active, conscientious, strong responsibility feeling in working. Good communication ability & team working. Well in task planning & target hitting. 

6. Frequent Travelling.

Welcome to join us! Contact details:

Please send your resume & mention the expected salary to: [email protected]

We would contact you in 2 business days.