Growatt unveils new high power inverter for commercial and industrial sector at SNEC 2021

Date: 2021-06-07

Growatt has launched a new high power inverter at SNEC 2021 in Shanghai, to add to its extensive portfolio of products.

“The introduction of the MAX 100-125KTL3-X LV inverter is part of our continuous effort to stay at the forefront of technology and product innovation. This new inverter is designed for large commercial and industrial solar power plants and will maximize return on investment,” commented Lisa Zhang, the company’s Marketing Director.

The inverter has 10 MPPTs, allowing for different solar array orientations to optimize power generation and its maximum string input current reaches 16A, enabling it to work with 500W+ high power modules. It also has type II SPD on both AC and DC sides as well as an optional AFCI function to provide protection for the PV system and IP66 protection level against dust and water, being able to operate in harsh conditions such as high humidity, extreme temperatures and atmospheric pollution and in coastal areas with high salinity.

The MAX 100-125KTL3-X LV features smart online monitoring and troubleshooting, with advanced remote O&M tools for intelligent string monitoring, smart I-V curve scanning and diagnosis for installers. “With these tools, installers are able to reduce onsite visits, lower O&M costs and improve service efficiency,” Zhang concluded.

Source: PV Tech