Growatt launches high power single-phase inverter in Brazil

Date: 2021-04-16

Growatt is now offering a new generation high power single-phase inverter MIN 7-10KTL-X in Brazil. The inverter is developed to meet the requirements of bigger residential solar PV systems at large properties in Brazil. Growatt has been tailoring its products to the specific needs of the Brazilians. Last year, the company added to its product offerings the MAC 15-36KTL3-XL inverter which was designed for 220V three-phase solar PV application in Brazil.

“The MIN 7-10KTL-X inverter can reduce the LCOE of solar energy for households and investors in Brazil,” said Lisa Zhang, marketing director at Growatt. “It can be oversized at up to 150% and is compatible with 450W modules, providing higher profitability. In addition, the inverter has up to 3 MPPTs and can provide good flexibility for PV system design.”

MIN 7-10KTL-X comes in compact design and has high power density. Its much more durable and user-friendly touch button and OLED display provides better user experience. The inverter has Type II SPD on DC side, offering excellent protection for the PV system. According to Zhang, Growatt has already received INMETRO certificate for the inverter and it will be available from May in Brazil.

The company has become the largest residential PV inverter supplier in Brazil according to latest Distributed Generation Photovoltaic Market report released by Greener – Brazilian research and consultancy company. And looking ahead, in spite of the pandemic, Zhang is optimistic about the Brazilian solar market. “We’ll continue to provide high quality products and services for the Brazilians and with such a comprehensive range of PV inverter solutions, we aim to become the No.1 inverter brand for distributed generation solar energy in Brazil.”

Source: pv magazine