Growatt Exhibited Its Solutions for the Future at Solarsolutions

Date: 2019-03-22

Netherlands added a capacity of 1,330 MW for solar in 2018 with a growth rate of 46% on year-on-year basis. Though commercial and industrial and large-scale solar are the largest growth driver, residential PV stills contribute a significant portion to the increase, adding an installed PV capacity of around 500MW. It’s forecasted that the growth in residential solar will be steady and robust. However, the future of residential solar systems will be very much different from the present considering the return subsidy scheme to replace net-metering from 2021.

Then what the future would be? What’s the solution of solar manufacturers for the future? Editor from PV Magazine sat down with Growatt Marketing Director Lisa Zhang at SolarSolutions to explore the possibilities. “Growatt focused on providing solutions for rooftop solar systems. By now Growatt has been developing in Benelux for over eight years and we have done a great job. In residential solar we are the TOP 2 brand. The Dutch solar market is very important to us and we are paying close attention to its market trend and policies,” Zhang introduced.

“For the policy part, there will be a transition from net-metering to return subsidy. The new scheme is expected to become effective in 2021. Upon execution, return subsidy will encourage self-consumption. To follow this trend, we have included storage-ready feature in our next generation residential inverter, Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-XH,” Zhang showed the good modern looking inverter at the booth.

“By choosing MIN, customers will reduce the retrofit costs if they want to upgrade to storage system in the future. Apart from that, there’re more futuristic features of it. MIN’s of compact and elegant design that many clients and customers like a lot. It uses aerospace grade materials and is about 35% lighter than other common inverters. With OLED display and touch button, it will provide better user experience and the touch button can last over three million clicks. Additionally, it can be connected to our OSS platform using USB/RS485 interfaces. WIFI/GPRS/4G/RF interfaces are optional. With that we can save the energies and costs for O&M using its smart functions, such as remote monitoring, system upgrade etc. Therefore, our inverter model MIN is really future proof!”

“To meet the demand of Dutch solar market, Growatt will continue our R&D and innovation so as to offer competitive premium products and lead to provide smart and clean energy solutions for household, commercial and industrial PV projects.”