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Growatt SPA4000-10000TL3 BH

4-10kW, Three Phase AC-coupled, High Voltage Battery


IP65 & Natural cooling
Supports Retrofit & New Systems
Three work modes programmable
Compatible with high-voltage battery
Online Smart Service

Technical Parameter


  • Technical Documentation
  • User Manual / Video
  • Product Certificates
  • Growatt SPA4000-10000TL3 BH Datasheet

  • User Manual of SPA4-10KTL3 BH - 2

  • User Manual of SPA4-10KTL3 BH - 1

  • SPA 4-10KTL3 BH Quick installation

  • SPH (SPA)4000-10000TL3-BH Austria

  • SPH (SPA)4000-10000TL3 BH VDE0126

  • SPH(SPA)4000-10000TL3 BH France

  • SPH(SPA) 4-10KTL3 BH EN50549 Certificate

  • SPH(SPA)4000-10000TL3 BH N4105_II

  • SPH(SPA)4000-10000TL3 BH N4105_I

  • SPH(SPA) 4000-10000TL3 BH CE LVD

  • SPH(SPA) 4000-10000TL3 BH CE EMC