Growatt Launched New MAC Series Commercial and Industrial Inverter in India

Date: 2019-09-09

Growatt has started its Shine Elite series training workshops in India! On 6 September Growatt held Shine Elite Mumbai at Novotel Juhu Beach and provided wide-ranging training from C&I inverter selection, system design, installation precautions, online smart service etc. Ahmedabad and New Delhi is expected to be the next two stops of Shine Elite later this month. This is part of Growatt’s continuous efforts to improve customer service and clients’ technical skills of system design, installation, operation and maintenance.

Growatt has been increasing its investment in building a stronger local service network in India. “We provide a comprehensive range of services including technical support, onsite service, online smart service, installation and troubleshooting training workshop. By building these service capabilities, we are able to prevent causing unnecessary issues, quickly diagnose and solve the problems for clients.” said Rucas Wang, Growatt regional director.

The event highlights the product launch of Growatt’s new MAC series commercial and industrial inverter with capacity ranging from 40kW to 70kW. MAC has LV and MV modes, so customers can choose different version according to the grid voltage. MAC is designed with 3 MPPTs and flexible string number, making it adaptable to a variety of complex situations.


In addition, it’s of beautiful compact design. Its OLED display and touch button provide longer life span and better user experience., MAC adopts an advanced cooling algorithm and achieves excellent cooling performance and long life span of cooling system. It can work under the temperature of up to 60℃ and can easily adapt to the challenging conditions in India. MAC series inverter is compatible with multiple monitoring devices including WIFI, GPRS, RF, 4G, RS485and USB. Once installed with the device, clients can monitor and control the PV systems anytime and anywhere!

“Overall, MAC will be the fantastic choice for many commercial, industrial and small ground-mounted solar plants in India,” said Rucas. “You can have higher yields and ROI with MAC. Its efficiency can reach up to 98.8% and you can oversize the system at 1.3 DC/AC ratio. We look forward to seeing installations of MAC inverter in India soon!”