Growatt's plans to expand throughout Latin America

Date: 2020-10-26

Eduardo Solis Figueroa, Regional Marketing Manager for Growatt New Energy in Latin America, analyzes the company's plans in Latin America. Which markets are projected with better expectations? The look of the manufacturer.


How did 2020 turn out for Growatt?

This year we have had an outstanding global positioning in European markets. In Latin America, we have created local teams in key markets to provide the best experience for our clients.


We work with the most important distributors in key countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina and despite the pandemic the market did not stop developing, and as a result we have consolidated our position in the aforementioned countries.


Which countries follow the most attention?


We see great potential in other Latin American countries such as Peru, Bolivia and Central America, and we expect photovoltaic regulations to evolve favorably in the short term.


What is expected for 2021?


Without a doubt, the markets of Brazil, Chile and Mexico will continue to be leaders in the region. However, with new regulations we expect the exponential growth of markets that are promoting the use of renewable energies, such as Argentina or Colombia.


Do you have any new technology planned?


That's right, we have been in the Latin American market for many years and as a result we study the requirements of each country from a technical and regulatory perspective.This year we launched Generation X of our investors, which are designed based on four key concepts: security , quality, elegance, and intelligence; Proof of this is our MAC 15-36k TL3-XL, a 220V three-phase inverter that we designed especially for small businesses and industry in countries like Mexico and Colombia.


On the other hand, we note the requirement to bring energy to all isolated regions of large cities on the continent, areas ranging from Patagonia, Amazonia or rural communities in northern Mexico, in order to guarantee energy supply with our isolated inverters, hybrids and lithium batteries.


Last September at SNEC 2020, which is the most important expo in the investor industry, we presented our MAX 185-253KTL3-X HV inverter, which we have designed for use in large-scale plants and we see great potential in markets. from Latin America for this team.


We are a leading company in the global market that constantly seeks innovation in the photovoltaic industry and we will continue to develop innovative solutions in the industry "


What weight does Latin America have in Growatt's global market share?


Latin America is, together with Europe, the regions that have grown exponentially in recent years, and without a doubt Latin America will play a fundamental role in the international market for the next few years.


The reduction of costs and the implementation of regulations that allow the interconnection of photovoltaic installations for distributed and large-scale generation will be key to the development of these markets.

Source: Energía Estratégica